behaviour standards.
The person who points to a party agrees to attend to arrive 10 min before, and bring adequate water kit, etc. ...
We played on artificial turf, if it rains like playing. delas within 24 hours before the game you can not unsubscribe, unless you bring a substitute. He was expelled from the club for people who fail at the last hour, desapunten or arriving late. We are interested in quality rather than quantity, we also require a good level of play.
People with violent, aggressive or empathic little interest us.
If you do not use your account or in a month will be terminated.
In the morning we asked to bring white shirt and dark afternoon and evening shirt.
People who play one day and schedule periodically are automatically called for the same day and time of that next week is the duty of the player erased or confirm (you can do it from your profile in games played and upcoming) or notify with advance if you can not come.
All parties confirmed Eshton and always play (although not complete) unless you notify the organizer otherwise will be notified an hour before a minimum if it is suspended.
We are a multicultural group with several major league teams, and good vibes always. SORRY IS NOT FOR FREE
Any doubt 664577331 mobile-whatsapp
By enrolling use real name and picture and look and if there shouldest receive the account confirmation email check your spam folder in your email.

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